How To Fix Showmax Not Working On Smart TV

Fix Showmax not working issue on Smart TV

Is your Showmax app not working on your Smart TV? If YES, then you are not alone as this is happening with many other users. You just need to keep calm and read this guide. Here we will discuss some solutions to Fix Showmax not working on Smart TV and why you face this problem.

Before learning the methods it is important to know the reasons why this happens so that you can easily solve the problem.

Why Showmax Is Not Working On Smart TV?

There are some causes due to which Showmax is not working on your Smart TV. They are as follows:

  • If your Smart TV is not supported to watch Showmax.
  • When the internet connection is not stable.
  • If you have not updated the Showmax app.
  • When the Showmax app server is down.
  • It might be possible that the temporary cache and data of the Showmax app gets corrupted.
  • If your Smart TV is not updated to the latest version.
  • If you are using the Soap opera effect for watching Showmax content then it will not work as it is good for playing online games. To fix it disable this feature or you can turn off the smoothing effect.
  • When there is some problem with your Smart TV then the Showmax will not work properly.

Methods To Fix Showmax Not Working On Smart TV

The following solutions will help you to fix Showmax not working problem on your Smart TV so that you can watch Showmax’s content without any issues.

Method 1: Make Sure Your Smart TV Supports Showmax

If you are first time trying to stream on Showmax through Smart TV then you need to first check that your smart TV supports Shwomax or not.

If you wish to watch live Steam (Showmax Pro) then the following smart TVs are supported for it:

  • LG WebOS Smart TVs (From 2014)
  • Hisense Smart TVs with VIDAA-U3 & VIDAA-U4 (from 2019).
  • Samsung Tizen Smart TVs (2017 and newer)
  • Android Smart TVs (Android 4.4.0 & higher)

And if you want to only watch Showmax shows without live streaming then the supported smart TVs are as follows:

  • Hisense Smart TVs (Selected models, Africa only)
  • LG WebOS Smart TVs (from 2014)
  • Samsung Smart TVs (from 2012)
  • LG NetCast Smart TVs (2012 to 2014)
  • Samsung Tizen Smart TVs (from 2015)
  • Android TVs (e.g. Sony and Phillips)

Hence, whenever you buy a new smart TV then first check if it supports Showmax or not.

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Method 2: Check Internet Connection

As you know that Showmax is an online service and due to this it needs an internet connection to work. Even if you are accessing it via the DSTV Explora decoder, it also needs to be connected to an internet connection for Showmax to work.

Showmax is not a DSTV channel, it is only a service provider. You can access it via your DSTV decoder but it must be connected to the internet.

Hence, you should check your internet connection is stable and working fine. You can watch Showmax on your phone via the same internet connection to check it.

Method 3: Update Showmax App

To watch Showmax on your Smart TV, you need to first download and install it on your TV. And it is also important to keep the app updated. Because if the app is not updated on your TV or mobile then it may create problems.

Hence, you should check the pending update for Shownmax on your Smart TV and then see if Showmax is working well on your Smart TV or not.

Method 4: Restart Smart TV

Restarting the Smart TV can also do the job for you. When you restart the Smart TV then it clears the memory and wrong settings that may be causing it to not work properly.

To restart Smart TV, just unplug it from the Power socket and wait for a few minutes and then again plug in and power on the TV.

Method 5: Check Status Of Showmax App

Sometimes the app server goes down and in this case, the app will not work properly.

So, you need to confirm whether the Showmax app is down or not by visiting Downdetector website. There you can see the outage of the app in the last 24 hours and if you find it currently down then you need to simply wait until it gets fixed by the Showmax app team.

Method 6: Update Smart TV’s OS

You also need to keep the Smart TV software updated to the latest version.

So, if you have forgotten to update it then simply check the update and install it immediately.

Below, follow the steps to check the update for your Smart TV (here I have given the steps to update Hisense Smart TV):

  1. Press the Home button and navigate to Settings.
  2. Choose Device preferences.
  3. After this, press on About > System Update.
  4. Press on Check for Update and if you find the update then select Update.

After the installation, try to watch on Showmax to check if it is playing without any problem or not.

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Method 7: Clear Showmax App’s Cache And Data

The temporary cache files of the Showmax app can also create problems. Hence, you should clear the cache and data of it to resolve the issue.

Here, follow the simple steps to do this:

Step 1: Press the Home button on your Smart TV remote.

Step 2: Then go to Settings and press Ok on your remote.

Step 3: Select Apps and then look for Showmax app and press ok on remote.

Step 4: Now, choose Clear Cache and press ok.

Step 5: After this, choose Clear all data and press ok on your smart tv remote.

Method 8: Logout Of Showmax Account And Relogin

You can simply sign out from your Showmax account on your Smart TV and then again sign in to it.

This method has helped many users to fix Showmax not working issue. May this will also work in your case.

Method 9: Uninstall And Reinstall ShowMax App

Sometimes just uninstalling and reinstalling the app fixes the issue. So, you can try this method to fix this issue.

Here learn how to do this:

Step 1: Go to the Home screen on your Smart TV and choose ShowMax app and long press on it via your TV remote.

Step 2: Then you will see a pop-up menu. There you need to select Uninstall.

Step 3: When the uninstalling process gets completed then just go to Play Store and enter the name of the app and click on Install.

Step 4: Once it gets installed on your TV then log in with your Showmax account info and start streaming Showmax content without any problem.

Method 10: Contact Showmax Customer Support

If still the Showmax application is not working on your Smart TV then you should seek Showmax Customer support.

Simply explain what problem you are facing with Showmax and they will help you to solve this problem.

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Question: Does Showmax Work On Smart TV?

Answer: Yes, Showmax works on Smart TV. But it doesn’t work on all Smart TVs. In method 1, I have mentioned the supported Smart TV by Showmax.  You can check it out.

Question: Is Showmax Having Problems?

Answer: Maybe Showmax is having a problem or it may not be. You can check if the app is down or not by visiting the Downdetector website.

Question: How To Install Showmax On Hisense Smart TV?

Answer: You can easily install Showmax on your Hisense TV. For this, you need to follow the below steps:

Step 1: Press the Home button of your TV’s remote.

Step 2: Then go to the Smart Tv application store.

Step 3: Click on the search section and then enter the name of the app and press ok.

Step 4: Click on the Install button to download Showmax on your Smart TV.

Question: Why do I Get An Error Saying That Showmax Service Is Unavailable In My Country?

Answer: As you know that Showmax is not available in all countries. So, if you get this error then it means that Showmax is not available in your country. Another reason for this error is that Showmax is unable to determine your location.

Sum Up

We hope after following the above-mentioned solutions you will be able to fix Showmax not working issue on Smart TV and also come to know why this issue occurs.

If this guide really helps you then please share it will others who are also facing the face problem so that they can also stream Showmax content.

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