Fix Error Code 201 On Apex Legends Mobile

Solve Apex Legends Mobile Error Code 201 On Android/iPhone

Are you encountering error code 201 in Apex Legends mobile and getting irritated as it prevents you from accessing the game, logging into the game, sudden disconnection while playing the game, and disturbing gameplay?

If so, then this guide is going to provide some working solutions to fix Apex Legends Mobile error code 201 which you can try by yourself to resolve this issue.

What Is Error Code 201 In Apex Legends Mobile?

The error code 201 shows that the game is not able to establish contact with game servers. Due to this players may be unable to login into their accounts and play the game.

The full error message “Failed to connect to the server, please try again later. Error Code: 201” mainly occurs due to some reasons like connectivity problems, outdated game app, server problem, gaming device’s inability to establish a required connection, and corrupted game files.

So, if you are getting this error then stop worrying about it and start following the solutions discussed in the next section.

How To Fix Apex Legends Mobile Error Code 201

Please try each solution below to solve error code 201 on Apex Legends, one at a time, in order. If one solution doesn’t work, move on to the next!

Solution 1: Check Apex Legends Mobile Server Status

Firstly, you should check the server status of the game app. For this, you can visit the official website or check it through social media platforms.

Check Apex Legends Status

If you find the server down then you need to wait unless the game developer solves this issue.

Solution 2: Make Sure You Have Stable Internet Connection

If the internet connection is not strong then you will face problems in connecting to the game servers and receive the error prompt.

So, if there is any issue with your network connection then try the below tips to solve it.

  • If your Wi-Fi is not working then you can switch to cellular data.
  • If mobile data is not working well then you can enable and disable Airplane mode.
  • Restart your router and then again connect to it.

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Solution 3: Install Latest Version Of Game App

You should check that you are using the latest version of the game app.

To check it, open the Google Play Store or App Store. Then write the name of the app. If you find the Update button beside the app then hit on it.

Solution 4: Restart Your Device

Another simple way to get rid of error code 201 on Apex Legends is to restart your smartphone.

So, restart your phone by following the same method that you use generally.

Once it gets restarted try to play the game to see if the error is gone or not.

Solution 5: Close & Reopen The Game

You have to close the game and remove it from the background. After this, again open it by tapping on the game app icon.

So, try it and check if it resolves the problem or not.

Solution 6: Close All Apps & Downloads

If you have opened any app and the download is going on then this uses your internet and can cause this error.

Hence, you should close all the running applications and downloads while playing Apex Legends Mobile so that you have sufficient internet connection for the game and you can play it without any issues.

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Solution 7: Clear The Game Cache

You should clear the cache of the game from time to time to run it smoothly.

So, if you have not cleared the cache of the game for a long period of time then it is recommended to do it.

Here are the instructions that you need to follow to clear the cache and data of the Apex Legends Mobile game application:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your phone.

Step 2: Hit on the Apps/Apps & Notification option.

Step 3: Search for the Apex Legends Mobile app and hit on it.

Step 4: Next, tap on the Storage/Storage and Cache options.

Step 5: Now, click on the Clear Cache option.

Clear Cache of Apex Legends App

Solution 8: Reinstall The Game

If clearing the cache of the app didn’t help then you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Apex Legends game to fix error code 201 on Apex Legends Mobile.

You should also update your device so that the latest version of the game app can be compatible with it.

Solution 9: Reach Out Support Team

If the error is still not solved then you can take help from the game’s support team.

So, just contact the Apex Legends Mobile Support team and tell them about this error. If they ask for any information then just tell them so that they can easily resolve the issue

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Why Error Code 201 Occurs in Apex Legends Mobile?

There could be several reasons why this error occurs. Some of them are listed below:

• Poor internet connection.

• Outdated game app and device.

• The server status of the app is down.

• The game app cache got corrupted.

How Can I Prevent From Apex Legends Mobile Error Code 201?

To prevent this error you can take care of a few things like – you are using a stable internet connection, your device and the app are updated, other apps are not running in the background, and any download is not going on while playing the game.

How Do I Fix The Error Code In Apex Legends?

You can fix it by applying some tips:-

• Update the game and your smartphone.

• Check the server status of the Apex Legends Mobile app.

• Make sure your internet connection is stable.

• Clear the corrupted cache file of the game app.

Sum Up

Apex Legends Mobile is an online game that lets their players compete against each other in real-time matches. The player enjoys playing this game but their pleasure is ruined when they receive the error code 201.

If you also face this issue then you don’t need to get frustrated as the above-listed solutions will surely help you to fix error code 201 in Apex Legends Mobile.

So, simply follow this guide, and if it helps you then do not forget to share it with your friends who are also going through the same problem.

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