Fix Brawl Stars Not Loading Or Crashing On Android

Solve Brawl Stars Not Loading Or Crashing On Android

Brawl Starts is a third-person shooter multiplayer online battle arena game that is available in the Google Play Store.  It uses a 3v3 format where you and 2 other people can battle with the opposing team.

Though this game is good but some users have reported that this game is crashing or not loading properly on their phones.

If you are also encountering the same issue then don’t fret as we have covered some easy and effective solutions to fix Brawl Stars not loading/crashing on Android.

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Fix “The UE-Polaris Game Has Crashed” And Fatal Error In Tekken 8

How To Fix The UE Polaris Has Crashed Error In Tekken 8

Finally, Takken 8 is here! But people face crashes and fatal errors after launching it. So, if you are going through this irritating problem and want to fix it then this guide will try to fix it.

Here, we will show you 15 proven and effective methods to fix “The UE Polaris game has crashed” and fatal error in Tekken 8.

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How To Access Banned Or Blocked Channels/Groups On Telegram

How to join blocked or banned Telegram channels or groups

Telegram is a famous app where users can join channels or groups of their interest.

But these channels can be blocked or banned if they share adult content.

If you are trying to join these channels, especially via Android or iPhone then you can’t do this as you can only access the channels through the web version of Telegram.

So, this guide will provide you with the steps on how to unblock, join, bypass, open, or access banned or blocked channels or groups on Telegram.

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Fix Error Code 268 On Roblox

How To Solve Error Code 268 On Roblox

Many Roblox users are receiving error code 268 in Roblox and due to this error code they get frustrated. They wanted to know about this error and how to fix error code 268 on Roblox.

So, if you are also going through the same issue then, this guide will surely help you.

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Recover Deleted Photos And Videos From Realme Phone

Retrieve Deleted/Lost Pictures or Videos From Realme Phone

It is a worse feeling when you find that your images or videos have been deleted from your phone. No matter how they get deleted from your Realme device the pain is real.

So, if you have also lost videos or pictures from your smartphone and want to get them back then this guide will help you in the same. Here I have mentioned some methods to recover deleted photos and videos from Realme phone as well as the causes due to which your files can get deleted.

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How to Get Back 2D Bitmoji On Snapchat

How To Get 2D Bitmoji Back On Snapchat

There are many Snapchat users who are not happy with the new 3D Bitmoji style. They loved the old 2D bitmoji avatars that’s why they are finding solutions to get back 2D bitmoji on Snapchat.

But one thing that disappoints its users is that this app has made 3D bitmoji default. And it is true that there is no possible method to get back 2D Bitmoji on Snapchat app. But you can do a few things which can help you.

If you are an Android user then you can try to downgrade the Snapchat app version. Besides this, you can unlink the bitmoji from the Snapchat account or try to edit your bitmoji appearance.

So, without wasting time, let us learn how to do this one by one.

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Can’t Unsend Message On Messenger? Here What To Do!

How To Solve "Couldn't Unsend Message" On Messenger

You have sent a message to someone on Facebook Messenger but just after sending it you realize that you should not send it and that’s why you want to delete it immediately so that he/she can’t view it. And to unsend it you just select that message but you are unable to unsend it?

If this is happening with you then don’t worry as this guide is going to teach you how to fix can’t unsend message on Messenger along with why you can’t delete/unsend a message on Facebook Messenger.

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How To Turn On “Okay Google” For Voice Detection On Android

How to enable Ok Google or Hey Google on Android

Do you wish to access “Okay Google” for voice recognition and perform works with it? If Yes, then for this you need to turn on Google Assistant on your phone. Once you enable it, you can do searches with it just after saying “Hey Google” or “OK Google”.

So, if you wish to enable it but don’t know how then this guide will teach you how to turn on “OK Google” for voice detection on Android.

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