Fix Error “Your Phone Date Is Inaccurate” In WhatsApp

How to fix "Your phone date is inaccurate! Adjust your clock and try again" error on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app that is used all over the world by all ages of people. Recently, some WhatsApp users are facing a new error “Your phone date is inaccurate. Adjust your clock and try again.”

If you also come across this error prompt then you can try some DIY methods to fix the error “Your phone date is inaccurate” in WhatsApp.

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Fix Error Code 201 On Apex Legends Mobile

Solve Apex Legends Mobile Error Code 201 On Android/iPhone

Are you encountering error code 201 in Apex Legends mobile and getting irritated as it prevents you from accessing the game, logging into the game, sudden disconnection while playing the game, and disturbing gameplay?

If so, then this guide is going to provide some working solutions to fix Apex Legends Mobile error code 201 which you can try by yourself to resolve this issue.

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Solve TikTok Error “Only friends can send messages to each other”

How To Fix "Only Friends Can Send Messages" To Each Other Error On TikTok

Are you facing the error message “Only friends can send messages to each other” on TikTok? And due to this, you can’t send messages?

If yes, then don’t worry as this guide is going to help you in fixing this error.

Here, you will find some solutions on how to fix error “Only friends can send messages to each other” on TikTok.

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[14 Methods] Fix “App Not Installed” Error On Android

How To Fix "Application not installed" Issue On Android

Many Android users are reporting that they are receiving the error message “App not installed” while downloading apk from another source.

Users install apps from another source when they don’t find the same app on the Google Play Store or when the app is restricted in their region.

If you are also trying to download the .apk file and receiving the error prompt “Application not Installed” or “Installed apps not showing on the home screen”  then this guide will help you.

Here you will learn 14 effective methods on how to fix “app not installed” error on Android and why this error occurs on your Android device.

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Fix “There Was A Problem Parsing the Package Error” On Android

How To Fix Error Message "There was a problem parsing the package" on Android

Every Android user uses the Google Play Store app to download apps and use them on their mobile phone. But, sometimes users still want to install an APK from an unknown or external source.

There could be many reasons behind installing an APK such as the app is not available in the Google Play store, if the same app from the Play Store does not provide all features that the APK gives, when the app is not available in your country, your phone’s developer doesn’t support it, etc.

While downloading the APK you may encounter an error and one of the common errors is “There was a problem parsing the package” after sideloading it on your smartphone.

So, if you are also facing the same error while downloading an APK file then this guide will show you some solutions to fix error “There was a problem parsing the package” on Android.

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Fix “Too Many Friends” Error Message on Snapchat

How to solve Snapchat error "Too many friends" on Android or iPhone

Snapchat is a social media app that lets you connect with your family and friends by sending messages and media files. Mostly, the Snapchat application is famous for its amazing filters which attract many users.

Recently, some Snapchat users have been getting a weird error message that says “too many friends” on their Snapchat account due to which they can’t add friends.

Are you facing the same issue? If yes, then this guide will surely help you.

Here, you will find the solutions on how to fix “too many friends” error message on Snapchat and also the reasons why you receive the error prompt “You have too many friends! Could not add X (where X is the user name of the person that you are going to add”.

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Fix “Video can’t be posted” Error On Instagram

How To Fix Error Message "Video can't be posted" on Instagram

You have decided to post a video or reel on Instagram but, you are unable to post it because of the error prompt We’re sorry, but there was a problem posting your video. Please try again” with “video can’t be posted” written on the top of the error popup.

Most of the time this error can’t go away and it gets stuck on the home page of the Instagram app. If you are going through the same error then this post will teach you how to fix “video can’t be posted” error on Instagram.

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Fix “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos” Error On YouTube

How To Solve YouTube Error "Video player will be blocked after 3 videos"

YouTube is a vast platform where users can watch every type of content. And while watching videos on YouTube you get ads and to avoid these ads some people use adblocker.

But now those users who are using Adblocker are getting frustrated with the pop-up alert that says “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos if Adblocker is not disabled”.

So, if you are also frustrated with this error message then in this guide we will tell you how you can fix “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos” error on YouTube.

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Fix Error “Unfortunately, Viber Has Stopped” on Android

How To Solve “Unfortunately, Viber has stopped” on Android Phone

Viber is a messaging app where you can send or receive messages, media files, make and receive voice and video calls to your loved ones.

Though it is a good app for messaging, there are some users who are facing problems in accessing the Viber app due to the error message “Unfortunately, Viber Has Stopped”.

So, if you are also getting this error or your Viber application is not working or keeps crashing then this tutorial will teach you how to fix “Unfortunately, Viber Has Stopped” on Android by yourself.

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