Fix “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos” Error On YouTube

How To Solve YouTube Error "Video player will be blocked after 3 videos"

YouTube is a vast platform where users can watch every type of content. And while watching videos on YouTube you get ads and to avoid these ads some people use adblocker.

But now those users who are using Adblocker are getting frustrated with the pop-up alert that says “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos if Adblocker is not disabled”.

So, if you are also frustrated with this error message then in this guide we will tell you how you can fix “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos” error on YouTube.

Before we talk about how to fix this issue, it is important to know what this error is and why it appears on your device. So let’s first discuss them.

What Does “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos” Error Mean?

The YouTube error “Video player will be blocked after 3 or 2 videos” appears when you have enabled an Ad Blocker extension in your web browser.

This error simply means that you have to turn off the Ad Blocker or switch to YouTube Premium (a service that is designed for videos without ads) then only you can watch videos on YouTube, otherwise the video will get blocked after watching three videos.

Reasons: Why Does YouTube Keep Popping Up “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos”?

If you have enabled adblocker extension on your web browser then you get this error and this is the main reason for the occurrence of this error message.

But there are some other reasons that can also cause this error prompt on your device screen which is mentioned below:

  • When there is some problem in your web browser that you are using to watch YouTube content.
  • If your YouTube account has violated YouTube’s terms or you have received copyright strikes or broken other rules then also you will get this error message.
  • If you have an update for the Ad Blocker extension.
  • When you have not logged in to YouTube premium service.

How To Fix YouTube Error “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos”?

Here we have gathered 11 effective methods to fix this issue. So, simply apply these methods one after another.

Solution 1: Disable AdBlockers Extension

If you have enabled the AdBlocker extension or installed an Adblocker app on your device then you should first disable/uninstall it as this error occurs when you have turned on this extension on your browser.

To disable AdBlocker on your Chrome browser you need to tap on 3 vertical dots and then click on Extensions (you may need to click on More tools > Extensions). Now, here you will find all the added extensions with the toggle button. Simply go to AdBlocker extension and toggle it off.

You can also whitelist adblocker for YouTube only by clicking on the AdBlock extension icon (where all added extensions icons are displayed) and then just click on the “Always” button to enable ads for YouTube only.

Disable AdBlock Extension

Now, you can easily watch the videos on YouTube but you will get advertisements.

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Solution 2: Sign Up To YouTube Premium

If you have disabled the Adblocker extension and now you are not getting that error message but you don’t like the ads while watching YouTube videos then you should take a subscription to YouTube Premium.

It is a paid service where you can watch videos without getting ads including full access to Premium Music, background play, and downloads. Once, you subscribe to YouTube Premium you will not get this error message.

Solution 3: Try Different Browser

If you are watching YouTube videos on a Chrome browser with enabling AD Blocker on it then you should switch to another browser like Opera, Firefox, Safari, etc., and enable AdBlocker on any of these browsers.

I hope you will be able to watch ad-free YouTube content without the error message on another browser.

Solution 4: Clear Cache Of Your Browser

Clearing the cache of the browser can also help you to get rid of the YouTube error message video player will be blocked after 2/3 videos.

So, below learn the steps to delete your Chrome browser cache:

Step 1: Open the browser and click on 3 vertical dots situated at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: After this, click on Settings option.

Step 3: Next, click on the Privacy and Security option.

Step 4: Now, click on Clear browsing data.

Step 5: Then check the box of “Cache images and files” and “Cookies and other site data”.

Clear cache data of Chrome browser

Step 6: At last, hit on Clear data button.

Solution 5: Try Using VPN

You can simply download a VPN service and then connect to it.

After that, choose the region or country where you do not get the error like Russia or India.

Once you do this, try to view videos on YouTube to check whether this worked or not.

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Solution 6: Review YouTube’s Policies

If you are a YouTuber and violated YouTube’s community guidelines or its terms of service then also you may receive the error “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos”.

Hence, you should read its policies and follow them to solve this error popup.

Solution 7: Turn On Background App Refresh For YouTube

If you are viewing YouTube videos on your phone’s browser then you should check that background app data from the YouTube app is enabled.

Here are the steps to check it:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Select the Network and Internet option (you may find different options like Mobile network).

Step 3: Next, hit on the Data usage/App data usage option.

Step 4: Now, select the YouTube app.

Enable Background data for YouTube

Step 5: Check Background data option is turned on or not. If not, then simply enable it.

Now, again open the web browser on your phone and then try to watch videos on YouTube to check if it is showing the same error or not.

Solution 8: Try YouTube Vanced (For Android)

You can switch to YouTube Vanced which is a modified version of YouTube that provides ad-free video streaming and more features.

So, you can download it from reputable sources as it is not available on Google Play Store.

You can also install the Play Tube app that blocks ads from video. This app is available on Google Play Store so you can easily download and install it from here.

Solution 9: Download uBlock Origin

  1. Firstly, remove/uninstall all adblock extensions from your web browser.
  2. Then download the uBlock Origin extension for your Chrome or Firefox
  3. If you are using Chrome browser then click on the puzzle piece icon (Extensions).
  4. Now, click on the uBlock Origin icon and then click on the Settings icon.
  5. Next, click on the “My filter” tab and then paste the below-provided code:, yt.config_.openPopupConfig.supportedPopups.adBlockMessageViewModel, false), Object.prototype.adBlocksFound, 0), ytplayer.config.args.raw_player_response.adPlacements, []), Object.prototype.hasAllowedInstreamAd, true)

  1. After entering it, click on “Apply changes”.

Now, refresh the page and you will be able to fix the error prompt and easily watch the YouTube content without advertisement.

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Solution 10: Remove Custom Configurations Of uBlock Origin

If you have added custom filters or configurations on the uBlock Origin extension then you can delete these custom settings to solve YouTube’s video-blocked error.

Here are the steps to clear custom configurations of uBlock Origin extension:

  • Go to the uBlock Origin extension and remove custom filters.
  • Then disable the “My Filters” option and also disable all the settings you have enabled.
  • Next, click on the uBlock Origin icon and click on Dashboard.
  • Now, go to Filter list, and at the “uBlock filters – Quick fixes” list find the Clock icon and click on “Update now”.
  • After doing this, disable all your extensions including built-in blockers and other blockers outside your web browser like tracking/ad AV protections or DNS blocking. But keep the “Firefox Multi-Account Containers” add-on enabled.
  • Close all the open tabs to make sure these steps work correctly.

Solution 11: Contact YouTube Support Team

If you have tried all the above 10 solutions but the error is not gone and this error is not occurring due to AdBlocker then lastly you should contact YouTube Support Team for help.

Related FAQs

What Is The Cost Of YouTube Premium Subscription?

The YouTube Premium subscription prices are different depending on their plans. In India Rs 129 is taken for 1 month plan, Rs 399 is for 3 month plan and Rs 1290 is for 1 year plan.

In other countries, the YouTube Premium plan prices are as follows:

  • For individuals – $13.99/month
  • For students – $7.99/month
  • For family – $22.99/month
Why Does YouTube Keep Blocking My Videos?

There are two main reasons for blocking videos by YouTube:

First is if you are violating YouTube’s privacy policy/rules like uploading violent content, nudity, hate, or content that influence others to commit suicide/violent acts against individuals or group.

Another reason is if you are uploading the same/copyrighted content of another YouTuber without making any changes to it or without asking for their permission.

How Can I Bypass/Remove The Error “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos”?

To remove this error prompt you need to subscribe to YouTube Premium, or you can disable the adblocker extension from your browser, or uninstall the   AdBlocker app from your phone (if you are using any).

Why My YouTube Videos Get Blocked But Others Aren’t?

There could be multiple reasons due to which your YouTube videos can get blocked but other videos aren’t.

Many times videos are restricted because of the copyright claims that are forced by the copyright holder.

There are some countries where YouTube Live videos are restricted.

Some videos get deleted, blocked, or restricted due to violent, or offensive content or breaking YouTube’s rules and policies.

Why Is YouTube Blocking Ad Blockers?

YouTube’s main income source comes from ad revenue and it totally works on advertising. Hence, it is banning or blocking AdBlocker so that they can earn more money by showing ads to the users in the videos.

But YouTube is not blocking Ad blockers in all countries as users who live in India or Russia can disable ads through AdBlocker extensions or apps.

Sum Up

So, these are the 11 different and effective ways to fix YouTube error “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos”. Simply apply these methods to solve this issue.

And if they will work for you then please share it so that it can also help other users.

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