How To Transfer Hotstar Downloaded Video To Gallery

How To Tansfer Downloaded Video From Hotstar To Gallery

Hotstar is a famous web platform for watching sports, Indian TV shows, or movies on smartphones. It also lets its users to download content on their phones so that they can watch it offline.

But they can’t save these downloaded content to their device Gallery. This means that you can only view the downloaded films or other content on the Disney+ Hotstar app itself.

So, if you want to switch the downloaded video to your Android phone’s Gallery then read this guide. Here, I have mentioned some ways that will help you to learn how to transfer Hotstar downloaded video to Gallery.

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Fix Carrier Hub Processing Requests Notification

Fix Carrier Hub Processing Request Constant Notification Won’t Go Away

Are you receiving a constant notification from your Carrier Hub app that says “Processing requests MCM Clint requests are processing” or “Processing requests AppSelecter requests are processing” and it won’t go away from your phone? Don’t need to worry about it as you can fix it by yourself.

In this tutorial, I will provide you with some solutions that will help you to fix carrier hub processing requests constant notification. Besides the methods, you will also learn what carrier hub means and why you get carrier hub notifications.

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How To Fix Error “SIM Not Provisioned MM2” On Android/iPhone

Fix Error Message "SIM not provisioned mm#2" on Android Orr iPhone

Nowadays, the SIM not provisioned issue is encountered by many Android or iPhone users. Especially with those users who have purchased a new SIM card or a new phone or tablet.

When they receive this error then it can’t let them make phone calls or other stuff.

If you are also suffering from this error and wanted to fix “SIM not provisioned MM2” error and also wish to know why this happens and what it means. Then simply follow this post as all these things are discussed here.

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[Fixed] “Couldn’t load image. Tap to retry.” Error On Instagram

How To Fix Instagram“Couldn't load image. Tap to retry.” Error

Encountering the error “Couldn’t load image. Tap to retry.” can be frustrating. And the worst part about it is that it doesn’t tell you why this is happening.

Generally, the internet connection causes this error message to appear.

But sometimes the internet connection is fine and there are other reasons for this error which we will discuss in this guide. And we will see some ways that you can try to fix Instagram error “Couldn’t load image. Tap to retry.”.

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[13 Solutions] Fix “No valid QR code detected” On WhatsApp

Fix WhatsApp Web No valid QR code deteted

Fix WhatsApp Web No valid QR code deteted

You are trying to connect your WhatsApp on your laptop via WhatsApp web. But when you scan the QR code from your smartphone to connect to WhatsApp you receive a pop-up message saying “No valid QR code detected”.

Don’t Worry! You can fix this error after reading this tutorial. Here, I have discussed 13 proven methods to fix “No valid QR code detected” on WhatsApp.

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How To Fix Showmax Not Working On Smart TV

Fix Showmax not working issue on Smart TV

Is your Showmax app not working on your Smart TV? If YES, then you are not alone as this is happening with many other users. You just need to keep calm and read this guide. Here we will discuss some solutions to Fix Showmax not working on Smart TV and why you face this problem.

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11 Methods To Fix “This channel can’t be displayed” on Telegram

How To FixTelegram Error "This channel can’t be displayed because it was used to spread pornographic content"

You are trying to visit a Telegram group or channel but you receiving the following error message:

  • “This channel can’t be displayed because it was used to spread pornographic content”.
  • “This channel cannot be displayed because it was used to spread sensitive content”.
  • “This channel/group can’t be displayed because it violated local laws”.

And due to this error, you are unable to open and view the content of that Telegram channel.

Don’t Fret! This tutorial will teach you how to fix “This channel can’t be displayed” on Telegram.

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Recover Deleted Photos And Videos From Samsung A52 (s)/A53/A54

Retrieve Deleted Or Lost Pictures And Videos From Samsung Galaxy A52, A52s, A53, Or A54 5G

It would be very upsetting if you accidentally or due to other reasons lose your Galaxy device’s photos and videos.

But you don’t need to worry about the deleted pictures and videos as you can retrieve them. Just stop using your phone and follow the solutions to recover deleted photos and videos from Samsung Galaxy A52 (s)/A53/A54.

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